<blink> elements are deprecated and must not be used

Who might be affected


Content that moves or auto-updates can be a barrier to anyone who has trouble reading stationary text fast, as well as anyone who has trouble tracking moving objects. It can also cause problems for screen readers.

Quick Fixes

Remove all the <bink> tags from your code.
1<blink>Very Important Text</blink>
Avoid blinking/flashing elements with CSS
1@keyframes blinker{
2 0% { bcolor: #000; }
3 50% { color: transparent; }
4 100% { color: #000; }
8 animation: blinker 0.8s infinite;
10/* Or */
11.blinking-text {
12 text-decoration: blink;

How Users Are Affected

Moving content can be a severe distraction for people with attention deficit disorders or blinking content distracting, as it makes it difficult for them to concentrate on other parts of the web page. In extreme cases, very loud and fast blinking can even trigger episodes of epilepsy in people who are prone to it.

WCAG Success criteria

This issue might cause elements to fail one or more of the following Success criteria:
2.2.2 Pause, Stop, Hide (A) | 2.3.1 Three Flashes or Below Threshold (A)

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