About this knowledge base

Evinced develops AI powered digital accessibility services for developers and QA engineers.

The Evinced accessibility knowledge base is designed to serve two main purposes:

  • The first is to provide Evinced users with a detailed explanation of their test results, potential causes of problems, and how to solve them efficiently. This is in the ‚ÄúSystem Validations" section.
  • The second is to create a comprehensive and evolving knowledge base on digital accessibility for websites and web applications. We hope that our modest contribution here will help the broader movement in creating a more inclusive web.

The knowledge base's structure

This knowledge base is divided into three parts:

System Validation

This section contains elaborations for each of the validations performed by the Evinced testing solutions. Here you will find detailed explanations of the causes of the problem, possible fix methods, and explanations of how it may affect users, so although the entries in this section refer specifically to issues found by one of the Evinced solutions, you may still find this part relevant even if you are not using Evinced. You can learn more about the Evinced accessibility testing solutions on our website.


In this section, we review various HTML elements and explain the factors that allow them to be inclusive and those that may impair their accessibility. The section is divided with inspiration from the WAI ARIA's role model into three parts (although the role model is consisted of additional parts, not all of them directly relate to the building blocks of HTML pages):

Widget elements

This part covers HTML elements intended for user interaction, such as buttons, links, and form elements.

Page structure

This part deals with HTML elements meant to structure and organize the page content; it covers elements like tables, lists, and images.

Landmark Elements

The landmarks part is reviewing elements that define the layout of the page. These elements are meant to provide the user with a better understanding and orientation in the UI and allow quick and easy navigation to all the UI parts when using assistive technologies.

A11y Concepts

This section is about the terminology and principles of web accessibility. You will find here entries about concepts like accessibility tree, accessibility APIs, color contrast, accessible names, and more.

This knowledge base is a work in progress and is still incomplete; we are constantly working on extending it and adding more sections and entries. On the title page of most of the sections you will find a list of all the current entries of the section as well as the ones that are in the pipeline. If you can't find what you are looking for, please let us know by writing to us to knowledge@evinced.com, and we will be happy to answer any questions and address any issues.

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