Button accessibility labels should start with an uppercase letter.

Who might be affected
Screen Reader


Font weight, text-decoration, and letter case affect how screen readers convey content in pitch and inflection. Capitalizing accessibility labels help them to read the content clearly and accurately.

Quick Fixes

Ensure that all the accessibility labels are capitalized.

1✗ myUIButton.accessibilityLabel = "submit";
3✓ myUIButton.accessibilityLabel = "Submit";

How Users Are Affected

A voiceOver may read the label with the wrong inflection or intonation, causing a poor user experience. In some cases it may even cause users to lose confidence and trust in the interface.

WCAG Success criteria

This issue might cause elements to fail one or more of the following Success criteria:
3.1.6 Pronunciation (AAA)

Apple Human Interface Guidelines

Guidelines for Creating Labels