System Validations

The entries ​​of this section are an elaboration and delve into the test results of our web accessibility testing suite, however, the entries are dealing with common issues and pitfalls in web accessibility, so you might find here the solution for the accessibility issue you may encounter. Since the entries in this part of the knowledge base are supposed to answer specific issues found in accessibility tests made with one of our accessibility testing solutions, their structure is slightly different from those in the other sections. On each entry, you'll find a description of the issue and what might cause it, a list of the assistive technologies and impairments affected by this issue, suggestions for possible fixes, and other information to help you understand the problem better and its effect on the page accessibility.

If you'd like to learn more about the Evinced a11y testing solutions, visit us on our website or send us a demo request.

We are continually working on adding new validations to our testing tools; this section will keep updating accordingly.

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